Thank you for giving me the opportunity to shoot all of you for the New Orleans Burlesque Festival!
Below are quick galleries and a link to download the images from each show.

The images for each show is in a compressed file (a zip), in the zip file are two folders of the same images.
—- Social Media: These images are optimized for facebook, instagram and twitter.
—- Hi-Res : These are full size images, use these for print publication.. or if you need custom size images for a website. These images are HUGE.. i would not recommend using these on a website without resizing them to the size required for the website.

You are welcome to use these images any way you wish, please just attribute the photography to DarrellMillerPhotography or my instagram account @DarrellMillerPhotography. I’d appreciate any comments, criticism, or suggestions, my photography can only get better by your input.

I’d really love to tell the whole story of burlesque and have an opportunity to capture everything from the practices, making of the costumes and wardrobe, preparation and the actual performances. I have a reasonably flexible day job that allows me to travel with some notice. If you have any upcoming shows i’d LOVE the opportunity to shoot them.

If you have any questions or problems, don’t hesitate to email me or message me on instagram
Thank you,

Darrell Miller

Day 1: Mondo Burlesque
Download Link:
Gallery: Mondo Web Gallery

Day 1: Bad Girls Burlesque
Download Link:
Gallery: Bad Girls Web Gallery

Day 2: Queen of Burlesque
Download Link:
Gallery: Queen of Burlesque Web Gallery

Day 2: Its Burlesque
Download Link:
Gallery: It’s Burlesque Web Gallery

Day 3: Belle of the Ball
Download Link:
Gallery: Belle of the Ball Web Gallery