Morocco : Photo Workshop Adventures with Michael Chinnici

King Hassan II (1929-1999) once described Morocco as a country whose roots lie in Africa but whose leaves breathe in European air. Morocco’s rich history, multicultural population and varied geography make it a fascinating country. It’s villages and cities offer a striking contrast of ancient kasbahs, mosques and souks and modern architecture, with a mix of Berber, Arab and African peoples. The Atlas mountains run like a spine from southwest to northwest, separating the cities from the desert. Its architecture spans from the Almoravid, Almohad, Merinid and Saadian civilizations (11th -17th centuries), to the Alaouites (17th century to present day). The cities of Fez, Rabat and Marrakech and High Atlas offer photographers a variety of culture, color, architecture and nature. And the Medina’s in Fez and Marrakech are both UNESCO World Heritage sites.

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Vietnam - Hanoi and Sapa Region

Eric Kim and Friends explored Hanoi and the Sapa region of Vietnam. 

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Cuba - Havana and Trinidad : Photo Workshop Adventures with Michael Chinnici

Our 9-day Classic Cuba Photo Adventure includes 6 days in Havana followed by 2 days in Trinidad and 1 day in Cienfuegos, both located on the southern coast of Cuba. 

A tropical paradise with a storied past, Cuba offers us a unique view of a world few have been able to see. Photographing Cuba offers us the rare opportunity to capture it’s warm people alongside it’s natural beauty and stunning architecture. Laid back Caribbean Island culture mixed with the big-city life of Havana, where vintage American cars from the 40’s and 50’s roll by you on Havana’s Malecon. Cienfuegos is a port city on the southern coast with architecture that reflects it’s French colonial roots, and quaint and tranquil Trinidad is Cuba’s best preserved colonial city showcasing its Spanish Colonial roots. 

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Cuba - Santiago de Cuba : Photo Workshop Adventures with Michael Chinnici

The eastern half of Cuba not only includes the cities of Santiago de Cuba and Camaguey, the second and third largest on the island, but a tropical rain forest, untouched beaches and countless small municipalities that have remained immune to tourism as well. So it should come as no surprise why we created this amazing photographic adventure in addition to our highly successful Classic Cuba Photo Adventure. 

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